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“Rulezizrulez:” The Law of Rules v. The Rule of Law

Yesterday, the State of Alabama murdered a man to teach him – and presumably potential future murderers of people – that murdering people is wrong. The man's name was Christopher Eugene Brooks. Alone, this would not be something I'd … [Read More...]

Red Herrings & Cop Apologetics

It is in vogue right now – at least over at Fault Lines on the Mimesis Law website – to remind people that cops allegedly have dangerous jobs, because they often travel to the scene of situations that could be dangerous for them. Scott … [Read More...]

Insanity & “The Law”

Let me start with this: this post is not about the insanity defense, or about people accused of crimes who utilize some psychologically-oriented defense to escape punishment for their offenses. I even added scare quotes to the title partly to … [Read More...]