Marc Randazza, the First Amendment’s Finest Friend

You can’t be an attorney who spends much time on the Internet and not know about Marc Randazza. Nor is it likely, even if you don’t get on the Internet much, that you could be a lawyer concerned about the First Amendment, copyrights, defamation, or any number of other things related to the legal ramifications of speech, intellectual property, or entertainment law and not know about Marc.

Regardless, Randazza’s got it covered. 

But you don’t have to just take my word for it: Here’s what others, including a large number of lawyers from the United States and Canada, have to say about Marc Randazza.

So if you’ve got a legal problem involving copyright, trademark, speech or some other Intellectual Property, First Amendment, Internet, or Entertainment Law issue, ask yourself this: “If we — his fellow lawyers — recognize Marc Randazza as unrivaled in his area of practice, why would you turn to anyone else for help?”

Marc Randazza, Legal Gladiator

Marc Randazza, Legal Gladiator

About Rick

Rick Horowitz is a criminal defense attorney with an extreme dislike of the criminal "justice" system which routinely ignores the Constitution, the Law, and the lives it ruins.

In addition to this blog, Rick also owns Fresno Criminal Defense.


  1. Mr. Horotwitz,

    I have a question regarding criminal defense, is there an email address I can reach you at?

    • There is a “Contact” option in the menubar at the top of every page. You can use that to send me an email. Also, every page has my phone number in the menubar and at the bottom of the page. My phone number also appears on the main page.

      Please be advised that I do not provide legal advice to non-clients via email. If you have a legal question, you will want to contact the office to arrange an appointment for a consultation in the office.

  2. I need someone to help me defend a bogus internet defamation/tortious interference case. I was able to have the Invasion of Privacy count dismissed. I have beaten the Plaintiff pro se, 4 times already. I plan to countersue this time. I’m looking for either a pro bono attorney, or someone who will take it on a contingency basis. I’m willing to do a lot of the research/leg work myself. Thanks.

    • Leaving a message in comments to a blog post isn’t the best way to find a lawyer. This is even more true when you are looking for a civil attorney — someone who handles lawsuits and countersuits — but you leave your comment on a criminal defense blog.

      You might want to contact people in your area who have used lawyers before, or contact your local Bar Association to ask for advice from them.

      Good luck and best wishes.


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