What is RHDefense?

Rick Horowitz
Rick Horowitz

RHDefense is the easy-to-remember name for the Law Office of Rick Horowitz. If you forget how to reach me, all you have to remember is “RHDefense” and you can use Google to find me!

Who is Rick Horowitz?

I am a successful Fresno attorney — but I don’t just practice in Fresno! I’ve been successfully arguing criminal (and traffic) cases for the last few years. I only officially became an attorney in 2007. But I had already participated in serious criminal cases, starting in early 2004. In 2006, while still a student, I handled “second chair” duties in a double-homicide special-circumstances trial. Many of the motions that I wrote and argued for that trial won.

It took me a long time to decide to become an attorney. Along the way, I succeeded in multiple other careers, so I bring to the job of being your attorney a broad base of knowledge and experience. Like a lot of other kids, when I was young, I had a job delivering newspapers. This job taught me the importance of hard work. I learned that if I had to get up at 4 a.m. to get my newspapers folded, that’s just what I had to do in order to do a good job. Today, I have that same attitude when it comes to representing my clients as an attorney. If a motion needs to be filed on Monday and I haven’t had time to finish it by Friday at 5 p.m., that means I’m working through the weekend. All night if I have to!

After being a paperboy, I got one of my first real jobs working in a convalescent hospital. That job taught me to have compassion for other people, particularly for people who could not always help themselves. I bring that same compassion to my work as an attorney. Recently, I was hired to handle an appeal. Someone told me that my client needed some medical care and was not getting it. I contacted the facility that was holding him and arranged to get him some care. I did not say, “Sorry, I’m just handling the appeal.” I care about my clients.

Prior to going to law school, I had a very successful career in technology. I was Director of Information Systems for a large company. Publishers hired me to help review their books, to make sure the technology was right. I even wrote a chapter for a book by a Microsoft Canada employee on migrating Windows 2000 to Windows NT. I was once paid $4000, plus expenses, to fly to New York and teach a one week class. So when I went to law school, I was planning to go into “techology law” and “make a lot of money.” But, why am I telling you this? Why do you care that I was planning to become just another “hotshot” technology lawyer?

You see, when I got to law school, something happened. I started to learn about our criminal justice system and how it works. And I learned that sometimes, it doesn’t. This bothered me. The more I thought about it, the more it bothered me. I decided that the best way to deal with it was to get involved. The rest, as they say, is history.

Why Should You Hire Me To Be Your Attorney?

As I said, over the last few years I have worked in many criminal trials, both as a student and, now, as an attorney. I can’t say that I’ve always won, but I have always fought hard. And what I’ve learned has just made me that much more committed to fight to make our justice system live up to its name: justice system. I have helped in murder cases, attempted murder, sex and drug cases — and I’ve been involved in helping with numerous gang cases. I’ve won some….and I’ve lost some. But one thing is unchanged: I am committed to fighting to ensure that anyone around me gets an aggressive and vigorous defense. If you want me and I take your case, the one thing I can guarantee is that I will not stop fighting for you!

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This website contains thoughts on the law from attorney Rick Horowitz. Rick is a member of the California State Bar and only practices in California. Any comments in this blog are intended as informational only and are not intended as legal advice. Each case is different. Each jurisdiction is different. Each jurisdiction has its own variances in the law. While few courts actually follow the law for their area, this only complicates things. In other words, whatever I say about the law here may not apply to your case. So, again, don’t take what I say as advice on how your case should be handled! If your case is in California, or in a federal court, you may contact me to discuss whether or not I will take your case.

I hope you enjoy — and learn from! — my website.

(A transcript of the video for the deaf and hard of hearing appears below the video.)

Transcript for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Hi. I’m attorney Rick Horowitz. Welcome to RHDefense.com, my website. You’ve obviously caught me on my day off, as you can tell by my spiffy duds. But that gives me an opportunity to work on adding more content and legal commentary for your entertainment purposes. Because it’s for your entertainment purposes, I’d like to point out that it’s not intended to be particularized legal advice. While the website and the blog may appear to you to apply to your case, each case is actually different. And you would need to speak with me directly or to some other attorney to find out how the law did apply in your case.

So, again, please don’t take this as legal advice concerning your case. You can reach me, however, to confer on your case at (559) 233-8886 in the Central California area. Again, that’s (559) 233-8886.

And thank you for visiting RHDefense.com!

Special Note: Attorney Horowitz does have some fluency with sign languages. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, he could communicate with you directly. However, he does not have complete fluency in sign languages and it would always be best to bring along someone to interpret when possible.

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