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(A transcript of the video for the deaf and hard of hearing appears below the video.)

Transcript for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Hi. I’m attorney Rick Horowitz. Welcome to RHDefense.com, my website. You’ve obviously caught me on my day off, as you can tell by my spiffy duds.  But that gives me an opportunity to work on adding more content and legal commentary for your entertainment purposes.  Because it’s for your entertainment purposes, I’d like to point out that it’s not intended to be particularized legal advice.  While the website and the blog may appear to you to apply to your case, each case is actually different.  And you would need to speak with me directly or to some other attorney to find out how the law did apply in your case.

So, again, please don’t take this as legal advice concerning your case.  You can reach me, however, to confer on your case at (559) 233-8886 in the Central California area.  Again, that’s (559) 233-8886.

And thank you for visiting RHDefense.com!

Special Note: Attorney Horowitz does have some fluency with sign languages.  If you are deaf or hard of hearing, he could communicate with you directly.  However, he does not have complete fluency in sign languages and it would always be best to bring along someone to interpret when possible.