JDSupra: Give Content. Get Noticed.

November 11, 2008
/ Author: Rick

JDSupra purports to allow attorneys such as myself to “Give Content. Get Noticed.”  After much hemming and hawing, I finally took the plunge.

I apologize for not having posted more articles here on the blog, but I’m busily writing a federal writ for a fast-approaching deadline, plus I’ve been moving into larger digs in the Patterson Building.  (Sixth Floor.  From the elevator, go left, then left, then left, then all the way to the end.  One of these days, the signmaker will actually follow through with putting up the signs pointing the way.  He might even put one on the door for me!)

Once my major deadlines are behind me and I’m settled in, I should start writing a bit more regularly on this blog.

Until then, satisfy the craving to see some of my work by checking out my profile on JDSupra!

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