Criminal Street Gang Defense

I have earned a solid reputation among other lawyers both generally as a criminal defense lawyer, and specifically with criminal street gang defense.

He is an excellent attorney and is very good at gang and juvenile defense. He is an excellent writer and he wrote a writ for me that was excellent, which resulted in a dismissal for my client. I would recommend Rick to anyone that has a very serious case because he has an excellent reputation in the community and is willing to work extremely hard for his clients.

— Fresno area attorney, Tina Barberi [read full endorsement on]

And it’s not just attorneys who speak well of me.

Rick was an amazing lawyer…He really cared for My Son an never gave up on Him.. — anonymous (for obvious reasons) [read full review on]

I have defended numerous people just like you accused of crimes involving gang enhancements (Penal Code §§ 186.22(b), 190.2(a)(22), 12022.53(e)(1)) and gang substantive crimes (Penal Code § 186.22(a)).

I have lectured and taught other attorneys about gang defense and the Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act. It is both by watching me defend cases in the courtroom, and by sitting in on when I have taught about gang defense, that other attorneys have come to value what I say about defending gangs from laws that are outrageous.

He truly devotes himself to his client and will seek to expose every flaw in the government’s case in order to obtain justice for his client. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about so-called “street gang” cases, a remarkably thorough litigator in every area of the criminal law, and a passionate and effective advocate: he is really one of those guys you always want on your side.

— Fresno area attorney Jack Revvill [read full endorsement on]

I own, which I created because of my interest and emphasis on defending gang cases. (Note: Eventually, as my practice expanded, I pointed to this website: the one you’re reading now, which is the site for my criminal defense practice.)

Some gang cases I have successfully resolved include murder, attempted murder and assault. All with gang enhancements. I have also helped defend people who are charged with violating gang injunctions. And, as of March 2017, in every gang injunction case I took one of two things happened. The cases were either dismissed, or the injunction ruled unconstitutional, or both. (Please note that this is not a guarantee of the same result happening in your case. Each case is different. And I do not own any crystal balls. I wouldn’t know how to use them even if I did. So I cannot guarantee what will happen in the future.)

I don’t see gang injunctions these days. That’s why I wrote “as of March 2017.”

My experience with gang cases goes back to before I was a lawyer. As a law student, I interned for a criminal law specialist. He said he wanted me to become his “gang expert.” I researched, and wrote, all his motions, appeals, and writs pertaining to gang issues. Before I was a lawyer, I argued my first gang appeal. It was before the Fifth Appellate District Court of the State of California. That was one month before I took my bar examination to become a lawyer.

In October 2022, another attorney brought me onto his team just before trial. My specific assignment? To cross-examine the gang cop — the prosecution’s so-called gang “expert,” whose only claim to expertise is that he arrests people accused of belonging to gangs, and lies extremely well.

I endorse Rick Horowitz. Rick is smart, courageous and a bit of a rebel. Good qualities to have on your side, if you are in a jam.

— Fresno area attorney Eric Schweitzer [read full endorsement on]

That attorney said afterwards that he was ordering a copy of the transcript for his office. He said, “That is how to cross-examine a gang cop.”

If you, or someone you care about, is facing gang charges, call (559) 233-8886 now to speak to me. I’m always available when you need me.