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It’s easy for a lawyer to tell you how wonderful he is. As one of my friends is fond of saying, “On the Internet, no one knows if you are a dog.” In reality, the same holds true when you visit an attorney in his or her office.

The client reviews on this page are excerpts from Google reviews, or from my profile over on Avvo. This provides an opportunity for potential clients to see what former clients have had to say about me, and how I handled their cases. If you are a former client and would like to leave a review for me, use this link for Avvo. You can leave a Google review with this link.


  1. You can no longer go directly to Peer Endorsements. Instead you’ll have to scroll down the page after clicking the link.
  2. You can no longer go directly to read a full Review by clicking the “Read review on Avvo” link. Instead, it will take you to the page of all Avvo reviews, and you’ll have to look for the one you want to read.

When considering an attorney, it sometimes also helps to see what other attorneys think about the attorney you’re considering. See my Avvo Peer Endorsements to read what thirty-one other attorneys who have actually either worked with me, or actually seen me in action in the courts, say about me. If you are one of my colleagues, or an attorney who knows me, and you wish to endorse me, please use this link.

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