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Rick Horowitz is a very good and from what i see well respected attorney. I would very much recommend getting him for an attorney if ever needed one. Thanks to Rick my fiancé will not be doing life in prison, he convinced the DA to drop some charges and now only gonna be doing 1 year. I can say that after all this mess my fiance and i was going through we have to admit the money was worth getting Rick Horowitz as his attorney, very professional. Thank you Rick Horowitz much love from the family. [Read Review on Google]

Posted by Michelle, May 11, 2023

Recomendaría al 100% | Google Review

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El abogado de defensa criminal Rick Horowitz fue alguien que me ayudó con mi caso en el que fui acusado falsamente. Era alguien en quien confié para que se hiciera cargo de mi caso y estoy agradecido por su trabajo honesto. Sentí que era transparente en todo mi caso. Recomendaría al 100% una consulta con Rick Horowitz.

(Translated by Google) Criminal defense attorney Rick Horowitz was someone who helped me with my case where I was falsely accused. He was someone I trusted to take on my case and I am grateful for his honest work. I felt that he was transparent in my entire case. I would 100% recommend a consultation with Rick Horowitz. [Read review on Google]

Posted by Cornelio, April 11, 2023

Full Dismissal | Google Review

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Facing any criminal charges is scary and troubling. Being wrongfully accused of something is even worse. Rick guided me through every step of my case with confidence. While never offering unrealistic expectations, he continued to fight for me and protect my interests and rights, leading to a full dismissal. I wish the wrongful charges had never been filed to begin with, but I will forever be grateful that I placed my trust in Mr. Horowitz to insure my rights were protected. [Read review on Google]

Posted by Vince Mesa, March 17, 2023

Honesty & Tremendous Success | Google Review

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Mr. Horowitz continues to impress me, which is generally not very easy as I am fairly critical in my opinion of attorneys. I am a civil attorney, and I often have clients who need representation or advice involving criminal issues. Rick has represented each client I have referred to him with honesty and tremendous success. My clients report back that he clearly explains everything they need to know about the process, not just telling them what they “want to hear,” which I think is very important. Then, he gets to work on diligently representing them and their interests, not just feeding his own ego or bank account, as some attorneys appear to do. His continued record of success is proof of his work ethic, knowledge, and sincere interest in his clients’ rights. [Read review on Google]

— Posted by Attorney Brenda Linder, March 17, 2023

Best Lawyer in Fresno 2023 | Avvo Review

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After almost six months of working on my behalf, Mr. Horowitz managed to convince the DA not to file felony charges against me. Himself and his assistant Serena where very kind and helpful. Mr.Horowitz took the time to keep me well informed even on the weekends. Which was very impressive! I can go on and on about Horowitz and the all the great things I witnessed in his presence. Just know, HE IS BEST LAWYER IN TOWN.

*My family and I can’t thank him enough for saving our family.* [Read review on Avvo]

— Posted by Anonymous, March 2, 2023

This Attorney Saved My Life | Google Review

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This attorney saved my life I owe everything to Rick Horowitz. I was looking at 50 to life and mr Horowitz fought and fought for me and my case was not an easy one because like a lot of people I have a past record. But that being said Mr Horowitz did his magic and got rid of my strike and I was not struck out and I have the opportunity to live a life again.rick Horowitz was always honest with me and made sure I understood what was going on and he kept fight for me for over 3 years so that being said if your looking for an attorney that knows what he’s doing you found it in Rick Horowitz. So do your self a favor and talk with him he’s a honest guy that will let you know where you stand in our screwed up system. [Read review on Google]

— Posted by John, February 16, 2023

He Will Search for a Way to Help

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(Translated by Google) I will start by confirming that Rick is the best lawyer in the entire valley, no matter how difficult your case is, you can be calm in some way, because he will search and search for a way to help you. Very grateful to Rick and his team, excellent person and excellent lawyer! Thank you Rick!

Empezare por confirmar que Rick es el mejor abogado en todo el valle, por mas difícil que este tu caso puedes estar de alguna manera tranquilo, por que el va buscar y buscar la manera de ayudarte. Muy agradecido con Rick y su equipo de trabajo, Excelente persona y Excelente abogado! Thank you Rick!

— Posted by Luis, November 18, 2022

I’d Give Them 100 Stars | Google Review

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Let me start off by saying Rick is the man! He defended my rights with honor and respect to the fullest. I am so very grateful for him he absolutely is one of the most intelligent men I have ever met he discussed with me and also broke down everything I needed to know step by step my case was very severe and I was facing hard time. Thanks to Rick I faced no jail time and now I’m out free pursuing my career and life goals happily ever after, I do not recommend anyone else even after hiring a previous lawyer that did not help as much as I needed to. Rick went above and beyond for me and I am so very thankful for him. I highly recommend Rick, he is not just collecting your money and telling you what you want to hear. He will fight for you and your rights in the most genuine way if I could rate him and his staff I’d give them 100 stars if I could. [Read Full Review on Google]

—Posted by Alejandro Cisneros, June 2, 2022

False Accusation, Dismissed | Google Review

I ran into a situation where I faced a false accusation. Never in my life could I have imagined that I could run into such a situation. From a personal perspective, this situation was distressing and totally new to me and I did not know whom to turn to. For my peace of mind I interviewed a few lawyers. The first time I met Rick, I was highly impressed. I am so glad I went with my gut feeling. It was a long hard fight and he was there every step of the way.He was very easy to reach and he and his office would contact and update frequently. In the end the false accusation was dismissed. Words cannot explain how grateful I am nor how amazing he is. He is extremely hard working, intelligent, honest, just and truly a fighter. [Read full review on Google]

—Posted by Robert Dawson, Mar 26, 2022

My Case Thrown Out | Google Review

What I experienced at the law office of Rick Horowitz was professional law practice at a high level that you would want from your lawyer. Rick was a straight forward no nonsense type of man with me something I really appreciated. He was also very knowledgeable about past cases that helped with my own but not just that he knows what’s legal and illegal in the courtroom a skill that helped my case get thrown out. Some specific things that did happen was that the judge did rule against me I was falsely accused but Rick filed a motion for me won my case and had it thrown out. I put all of my trust in mr. Horowitz and his advice and it worked out perfectly in the end. I am forever grateful for his hard work and effort. I will definitely recommend him to whoever needs help. Not that I intend to get into a situation where I’ll need his services again but if need be I will seek mr. Horowitz help again for sure. [Read full review on Google]

—Posted by Matthew, March 26, 2021

He Will Be On Your Side | Google Review

Rick is a great lawyer. He was able to convince the court to drop two charges and have a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor. He was prompt and very knowledgeable about my case and my past when it mattered under pressure in front of the DA and the Judge. … Rick is for the people and he will be on your side. Thank you Rick and Serena you guys are awesome. [Read full review on Google]

— Posted by Robert, January 28, 2022

Really Helped My Father and Family | Google Review

I would like to thank Mr. Horowitz for all his legal help. He really helped my father and family in the time of need. My father is elderly and has Parkinson’s and was not treated fairly when he was arrested. However, Rick helped and stood by our side the entire time…. If you need help with an attorney please contact Mr. Horowitz. [Read Full Review on Google]

—Posted by Edgar Mondragon, November 22, 2021

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