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Mr. Horowitz was not only extremely professional, he was very compassionate and patient. Extremely satisfied with the outcome, would hire to represent me in a heartbeat… just hope that’s not necessary.  [read more on Avvo]

[NOTE: Regarding this review by Lisa, she was actually represented by a public defender. I represented her co-defendant. We fought this case for nearly two years, during which time my client picked up a new case just as we were heading to trial. Because of this, my client asked me to try to settle the case. However, the DA had been refusing to settle Lisa’s case for the entire two years because he would not give the public defender what the public defender was asking for (what she was asking for was quite reasonable, and she probably could have obtained what she was asking for from the jury). The DA said that because of that he would not settle my client’s case; it was a “package deal.” I finally asked permission of the other attorney to try to settle both cases just before the (rescheduled) trial date. She agreed. In the end, I obtained a settlement for both Lisa, and my client. The settlement I obtained for Lisa was actually better than the one her own attorney had been trying to obtain. This is why Lisa said, “Extremely satisfied with the outcome,” but also added “would hire to represent me in a heartbeat….” She did not actually hire me, but obtained the benefit of my representation because I needed to help her in order to help my own client. The settlement I obtained for my client, by the way, was for six-months local prison. He was facing easily more than 10 years, if convicted. Because of his new case picked up shortly before trial, his case became more likely to be lost at trial.]

—Posted by Lisa, September 21, 2015