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Good morning, this comment is to highly recommend Rick Horowitz, I got in trouble with the law 3 years ago, I had a different lawyer which only took my money, so I hired Rick a year after my case started. Best decision I made, Rick thought the case would take him 6 months or so, but he ended up fighting my case for 2 yrs, and never asked me for more money (my case was in Hanford). Prosecutor wanted me to do prison time from the start. I was almost ready to take the deal, but Rick suggested to keep fighting, and I’m so glad we did. He fought for me so that I could stay with my family, he trusted me and believed I make a mistake when I told him about my history, I could see he really felt my pain. The day of the sentencing the prosecutor still argued to give me jail time but he agreed that Rick’s mitigation statement was one of the best he had seen. We won the case probation only, NO JAIL TIME. [Read full review on Google]

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