My Case Thrown Out | Google Review

What I experienced at the law office of Rick Horowitz was professional law practice at a high level that you would want from your lawyer. Rick was a straight forward no nonsense type of man with me something I really appreciated. He was also very knowledgeable about past cases that helped with my own but not just that he knows what’s legal and illegal in the courtroom a skill that helped my case get thrown out. Some specific things that did happen was that the judge did rule against me I was falsely accused but Rick filed a motion for me won my case and had it thrown out. I put all of my trust in mr. Horowitz and his advice and it worked out perfectly in the end. I am forever grateful for his hard work and effort. I will definitely recommend him to whoever needs help. Not that I intend to get into a situation where I’ll need his services again but if need be I will seek mr. Horowitz help again for sure. [Read full review on Google]

—Posted by Matthew, March 26, 2021