Proud Veteran | Google Review

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Rick has done an outstanding job as an attorney working with my husband. He answered his phone after 9pm on a Saturday and met early morning on Sunday when we needed him. As a fellow veteran he has taken us through the process of veterans court and beyond. I don’t know what we would have done with out him. … Rick truly cares about his clients well being, not only will he advocate for you but he will fight for you. He never makes promises and will tell it like it is whether you want to hear it not. … [See full review on Google]

—Posted by Proud Veteran, June 3, 2018

HERO!!!! | Avvo Review

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When we first walked into his office and sat down he asked us “what is it you want me to do for you?”. We told him exactly what we wanted and that is exactly what he got us plus more! The judge was even shocked at the sweet deal we got. Rick fought for my case to be dropped because I would have lost so much. He was able to get my husband an awesome deal. Truly grateful. Thank you! [Read review on Avvo]

—Posted by Melissa, March 31, 2018

Anthony Rodriguez | Google Review

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Rick was a tremendous help for me in a very stressful time. From our initial consult, he explained in detail his plans for my case, and I immediately felt relieved. He was very professional and knowledgeable, and always kept me updated along the way. He not only delivered what he promised, but hit a homerun in arguing my motion to have the case entirely dismissed. The judge himself said he’s only seen 2-3 ever done successfully in the last 10 years! … [Read full review on Google]

—Posted by Anthony Rodriguez, December 12, 2017

Sylvia Carrillo | Google Review

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I would have never thought I’d be facing a lot of time like I was recently but it happened so my mother and stepfather checked out a lot of defense attorneys and came back to visit me saying they had a good feeling about one they met, Rick Horowitz. My minimum time if I lost in court, 7 years. … Because of him I have my life back and I have hope for the future. Totally exceeded my expectations in court. Thank you for helping me out Rick Horowitz. [See full review on Google]

—Posted by Sylvia Carrillo (for her son), November 16, 2017

Honest and straightforward

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Our family hired Attorney Rick Horo[w]itz to help our relative to settle some records they had from previous arrests. … He was very honest and straightforward with us and did not paint a pretty picture. … In court he presented our case and letters and he knew our story, he was able to get relative cleared and now that person can go on with their life and get a better job. Thank you very much attorney Rick Horo[w]itz. [Read full review on Avvo]

Case Dismissed! | Google Review

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Mr Horowitz took my case and represented me with great results. The case was dismissed. He is a very good attorney and I will definitely recommend his services. [See full review on Google]

Note that this client posted two reviews: the Google review above in English, and an Avvo review in Spanish. On my website, I’m combining both here, so it doesn’t look like I’m “double-dipping.” 

5 out of 5 stars

El abogado, Mr Horowitz me represento sobre un caso judicial con resultos positivos. El caso de la corte fue despedido. Lo recomendo al cualquien persona necesite representacion. [See full review on Avvo]

—Posted by rodriguez2881, October 4, 2017

Google Review from Jay Sauce

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My experience using Rick was a good one.He fought a long difficult case that went over four years . We didn’t get the outcome we expected but it was not due to lack of effort . He wrote numbers [of] writs in my behalf and took the case to the highest level possible . If youre looking for an attorney that gives it to you straight and likes to fight the currupt judistial system that does not follow the law then Rick is the man for the job. [See full review on Google]

—Posted by Jay Sauce, August 17, 2017

Excellent Juvenile Defense Attorney | Avvo Review

Rick Horowitz is an excellent attorney. A parents worst nightmare is having a child in trouble and not knowing how to help them. Thank God we found Rick. … Rick even helped our son with goal setting and bettering himself as a person. I highly doubt many attorneys take the time to do that. Our child was facing up to 4 years in youth prison and Rick was able to get him home in about a month with some time on the monitor, community service and probation. … [See full review on]

—Posted by VP, August 3, 2017

“Rick is the man!” | Avvo Review

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A lawyer friend of mine suggested I hire Rick Horowitz and after seeing the reviews on avvo, I called him and met with him in his office later in the week. … He laid out all my options and told me that nothing was guaranteed. That’s when I decided this is the guy I want to represent me. After we worked out a price and payment plan, he got to work on my case right away. Although he is a very busy person he always made time to meet or talk on the phone with me regarding my case (even with a broken foot!). He works very hard and never gave up on me even when things weren’t going my way. … Rick is a true professional…. Once you set foot in his office, you’ll find out how great of a lawyer he is. Not only is he a great lawyer, he’s a great person! Thanks Rick! [read more on Avvo]

—Posted by a client, February 17, 2017

“Review of Rick Horowitz” | Avvo Review

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I hired Mr. Horowitz after I was arrested and charged with knowingly violating a restraining order against owning a weapon. This was in Fresno County but the case it arose out of was in Santa Clara County. This complicated things because the Fresno DA’s office knew nothing of the circumstances of the Santa Clara County case. Rick stayed on this with me for over a year while the Fresno DA’s office fumbled around trying to figure out what to do. … Finally, after a year, he was successful and the case was dismissed. He stayed with it from beginning to end helping me along the way to understand what was happening and why. I am very grateful for his efforts as you can imagine it is very stressful to be charged with an offense, especially one you’re not guilty of. … Prosecutor’s being what they are, in today’s world it is essential to find a defense attorney who knows the law and understands what strategy is best to follow. Such a person is Rick Horowitz….[read more on Avvo]

—Posted by Michael, November 10, 2016

“Juvenile Law” | Avvo Review

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Rick was an amazing lawyer…He really cared for My Son an never gave up on Him..He gave Him an Us His time on to explain the details of what was going on an what is best to do…especially that We didn’t understand the Law He explained it well enough to know how it works…He was always there to answer Our calls or if We leave a message He would definitely call back right away…[read more on Avvo]

—Posted by a client, November 1, 2016

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