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I hired Mr. Horowitz after I was arrested and charged with knowingly violating a restraining order against owning a weapon. This was in Fresno County but the case it arose out of was in Santa Clara County. This complicated things because the Fresno DA’s office knew nothing of the circumstances of the Santa Clara County case. Rick stayed on this with me for over a year while the Fresno DA’s office fumbled around trying to figure out what to do. … Finally, after a year, he was successful and the case was dismissed. He stayed with it from beginning to end helping me along the way to understand what was happening and why. I am very grateful for his efforts as you can imagine it is very stressful to be charged with an offense, especially one you’re not guilty of. … Prosecutor’s being what they are, in today’s world it is essential to find a defense attorney who knows the law and understands what strategy is best to follow. Such a person is Rick Horowitz….[read more on Avvo]

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