“Rick gave us hope in a very trying time.” | Avvo Review

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My son was looking at four years in prison for possesion, violating his probation for a drug charge. My son was in a lot of trouble but Rick said in the beginning that he would do all that he could to keep him out of prison. He did. The result was reinstatement of his probation and six months in an out patient rehab program. But equally important was Rick’s advice to my son during the ordeal. To remain positive, to look to the future, that one can’t dwell on past actions but focus on how to improve on the future. His words made a difference as my son has a whole new positive outlook on life. Rick was also there for me too…   [read more on Avvo]

—Posted by Randy, a state & local law client [ed. note: actually a criminal defense client, but he posted as “state & local law”], January 12, 2012