The Blog DOES Exist!

You’ve probably noticed some changes here on the RHDefense website.

The short story on this is that in my prior life, I was a technology guy. I build all my own websites, even though most attorneys hire people to do that. I like having control over my own image. I (normally) think I have pretty good ideas.

Suffice it to say — and this page will disappear once everything is fixed — that I jumped the development gun this time. I thought I had a new WordPress Theme looking like I wanted, so I made some rather dramatic changes to the way my website works. This was a mistake.

I temporarily lost my blog. Or, more accurately, I temporarily lost the ability to present the blog posts. This means that — temporarily — people who had linked to my blog would find

However, it appears now that I have fixed things enough that someone using Google, or an embedded link from someone else’s blog post or website, finds the proper post. The one thing I’m still working on is the direct link to the blog when someone uses the old link. I’m working on that still.

I’m also working on figuring out how to create a “normal-appearing” blog page; i.e., one which lists the most recent posts in reverse chronological order. But I’ll figure that out, too.

Meanwhile, you can find my posts via the Archives link in the menu at the top of each page.