The Reason for Probable Cause

April 6, 2008
/ Author: Rick

I may edit this post later as I get the blog more fully developed. For years, I’ve blogged on political and other issues at Unspun™. For months — almost a year — I’ve pondered whether or not to develop a blog on this website, RHDefense, which I’ve used to advertise my services as an attorney.

Finally, I’ve decided that I want an outlet for letting potential clients read some of what I have to say regarding criminal law and criminal defense issues. My hope is that not only will I be able to help people learn a little something about their rights, but, obviously, I also hope to convince you that if you need a criminal defense attorney, I’m the best choice for you.

In this blog, I intend to bring out information about things I find interesting in crime news; I plan to talk about issues that seem important to me relating to criminal law, or criminal defense; and I hope to sometimes even inspire you to perhaps consider taking action in the political arena to help improve our criminal justice system.

For the next few days — possibly weeks depending on my case load — I’ll be working primarily to get this blog “blended in” to the rest of my website, so that it somewhat matches the “look and feel” of the rest of the place. However, I will try to keep posting. If you visit and the place looks a little funky, just remember: this work in progress began on April 6, 2008. Drop in from time to time and watch as it evolves.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave comments!

P.S. I’m also using different blogging software than I’ve used in the past. At Unspun™. and other blogs I’ve had, I always used MoveableType™; here, I’m using WordPress™. I don’t know yet how that’s going to impact the blog development.

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